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Who We Are

Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship

The Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship (ECYF) brings together a talented group of high school students from around the country to think globally, act locally, listen to others, and build coalitions. Fellows will utilize their lived experiences to shed light on how civic education can include student voices and become more equitable. Fellows are committed to researching issues of equity in civic education in their school community and addressing the practices and policies related to their civic learning experiences. 

The Alumni Network

The network consists of past participants of the Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship. Alumni continue to advance the larger discussion on equity in civics. Every year, several Alumni members are chosen to serve on our Alumni board. Our board will support the facilitation of the student-led discussions within the Fellowship and will maintain Fellowship engagement with the Alumni Network as it grows.

Student Voice

iCivics champions equitable, nonpartisan civic education to ensure that the practice of democracy is learned by each new generation. We work to inspire lifelong civic engagement by providing high-quality and engaging civics resources to teachers and students across the nation. As students clearly have the greatest stake in their education, and exercising agency is a key part of civic education, the Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship and Alumni Network exist to encourage and elevate student voice. Fellows and Alumni represent their own opinions as they contribute their important and unique voices to the public conversation about civic education in the United States. We welcome this diversity of perspectives.

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